What is the difference between sex and romance?

For many of us, differentiating between sex and romance is quite difficult. Most of us think they both are the same but they are not. Sex can be done without romance and there can be romance without sex. Which means both sex and romance can do without each other. So definitely there’s some difference between them.

– Sexual attraction or sex is purely connected to wanting to have sexual contact with someone which may or may not include romantic attraction.

– Romance, on the other hand, comes through romantic attraction towards someone with a desire to have a Romantic relationship with them, which is not purely related to sex.

– Romance is about getting closer to each other emotionally and have a deep connection with sex. To have an amazing sexual experience, you must first be deeply engaged in romance. Both sex and romance are completely different yet are needed equally and hand in hand to enhance each other’s experience.

How to enjoy both together?

Romance is very necessary to strengthen your bonding as a couple, it doesn’t take much efforts to be romantic, if you are already in love with each other. Most people complain about not knowing how to romance but it’s not difficult at all and can be achieved easily. You can get tips from watching some romantic movies though.

At first, there’s going to be errors and laughs while trying to be romantic but talk through it, have a conversation about it and you’ll get it through. If you aren’t taking initiative, appreciate when your partner takes it and encourage it through your actions. Gradually when you become comfortable with the romance you have, it will help you take initiative and efforts from your side.

Now, talking about sex. To have sex, in a serious relationship romance is a must. However, sexual attraction is quick to burn away. Desire to have sex finishes as you have had sex but romantic attraction remains even after being romantic for a while. Therefore, for a relationship to last romantic attraction is a must before Sexual attraction. As sexual attraction may change if you don’t have a romantic attraction towards someone.

Bottom line:

The bottom line is, both sex and romance are equally important and can give utmost happiness if enacted together. So to have a healthy and happy relationship romance and sex is must.

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