Forever is a myth. Why do people say so? Because many people fail to maintain their relationships. Maintaining a relationship is quite difficult. Love is nothing like that told in fairy tales, it’s not that easy. It involved lots of efforts from both the parties. In the beginning, it’s all good, the couple is madly in love and doesn’t see each other’s faults and shortcomings but as the time passes all these shortcomings become more visible and sadly many relations end.

But how do people make it to forever? Are they perfect with no faults? No, no one is perfect. For every relationship to work, there are these 5 things the couple must practice.

· Trust

The basis, the foundation of every relationship should be trust. When there is trust between two people it becomes much easier to make the relationship work. There won’t be any unnecessary arguments, doubts and overthinking. Without doubts and overthinking your relationship will work smoothly. Doubts are the main reason why many relations don’t make it. Also, there must not be blind trust because then you would never find out if your partner is cheating. Once trust is broken there is no point in continuing the relationship.

· Respect

When you don’t respect each other, there will be verbal and physical abuse. When there is no respect there can’t be love and that your relationship is only because of lust. So respecting your partner is very important. You must respect their views, opinions and choices. Respecting the fact that your partner is an individual and had all rights to do whatever they want makes your bond stronger.

· Understanding

There must be an understanding between the partners. You must understand each other’s shortcomings. No one is perfect and when you love your partner with all the imperfections you understand them. There would be situation when your partner may react in an unexpected way but in such situations, you must understand each other. If you get anxious and angry because your partner made a small mistake or reacted in the wrong way, then your relationship will never work.

· Passion

Loving without passion can’t make a relationship work because without passion you won’t be able to face the challenges and complications that relationships come with. If you’re passionate enough you’ll put enough efforts to make things work. Your passion needs to last for a lifetime because complications and challenges are going to come throughout life.

· Love

At last, love is a very important part of a relationship. Without love, no relationship can even begin. But only love is not enough to make a relationship work above four things along with love is necessary for a relationship to work. You must love your partner unconditionally, your love must not be for the looks but for the person’s heart and soul.

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