What is live-in?

Live-in relationship means when partners stay together under one roof before getting married to try and understand each other better before giving commitment for life. Some people even choose live-in because they never want to get married or stay committed to one person for their entire life. People say that live-in is always better than divorce, Which is true.

So if you are planning to live together with your partner here are a few mistakes you should avoid doing.

· Burden your partner with finances

You must never burden your partner to maintain all the finances. If you are not earning, try to find out a job as soon as possible. Paying rent and all the other bills can become overwhelming for your partner. So try to split your bills, make an equal contribution to the household.

· Stop putting efforts

Now that you are already living together doesn’t mean you should stop taking efforts for your partner. Don’t ever take your partner for granted. Take small efforts to make your partner happy. Wake up early and prepare breakfast, go on dates, give them a handwritten note. Take care of their happiness.

· Not sharing the chores

Expecting your partner to do all the household tasks is not logical. You must help your partner and both share the duties and responsibilities. This will also help to get the jobs done quickly and spare you enough time with each other.

· Get pregnant.

Staying together means having lots of sex, which is good. But take necessary precautions, don’t get pregnant at any cost unless you are willing to get pregnant. Having a child before marriage is ok but what if you decide to part your ways after your child is born, this will have a negative impact on your child. So avoid getting pregnant.

· Not being ready to compromise

When you stay together, there will be many instances where you would have to compromise something. You should be willing to compromise to have a healthy relationship, don’t always expect your partner to compromise, it will lead them to lose interest in the relationship. So learn to compromise sometimes.