· You are less likely to confuse lust with love

When you fall in love with someone you meet daily, it becomes difficult to judge whether it’s lust or love. Because most of the time you get to see that person, touch and feel that person. But in long-distance, you only see each other on video calls and if this relationship lasts you know it’s true love because there’s hardly any chance for lust

· You learn to communicate well

In a long distance relationship, all you have is to talk. You can’t travel or go on dates, you can’t get intimate. The only way to know each other is to talk with each other. Due to which the communication factor in the long-distance couple becomes stronger.

· You appreciate the time you get to spend with each other

When you have lots of something you tend to take it for granted. You only appreciate something when you lack it. The same goes for long-distance couples. They don’t get to spend enough time with each other. So they appreciate every little time they get to spend together. They truly understand the value of each other’s time.

· You develop independence

Being in a relationship and staying together or nearby makes you very much dependent on each other. Slowly you might begin to lose your own identity. But in a long distance you are independent yet in a relationship. You are not dependent on anyone for your needs, which is beautiful.

· You learn patience and to trust

The most important thing long-distance teaches you is to be patient. Without patience, you cannot make your long-distance relationship work. People in such relationships tend to have a lot of patience. Long-distance also teaches you to trust each other. You both stay in different places, have different friends, go to parties with your friends, it’s natural to be jealous but this couple learn to trust.

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