· Bond with your baby

The best way to deal with negative feelings is to develop a bond with your baby. Have a mother-baby bond built while still being unborn. Talk to your child, read books for them and listen to music. Even if the baby is not born, it is believed that they listen to the outer world especially their mother. Bonding with your baby will keep you away from negative feelings and thus help you feel cheerful and happy.

· Plan pampering activities

Practice self-love, no matter what. Self-love is a wonderful tool and can make anyone instantly feel good and positive about themselves. Watch a movie, take massage, go to the salon. All these things will lift your mood and keep the negativity away.

· Maintain a diary

Maintaining a diary is necessary. During pregnancy, there would be lots of thoughts, in your head. Negative or positive make sure to write it down. This journal or diary should be only to write down about your emotions, feelings and only about you. You can maintain another diary to write about the baby. Writing down will help you reflect on you daily thoughts and to know what you need to change.

· Keep yourself active

To keep negative thoughts at bay, you should keep yourself active and busy. While taking care of yourself. Exercise as recommended by doctor, take a walk in the fresh air, go watch a movie, spend time with your partner. Apart from doing all these activities make sure to sleep well and eat healthily.

· Accept what you can and cannot control

It is very important to accept that there are things that you can control and things you cannot control. Accepting this fact will help you stay calm when things go wrong and will also help you avoid overthinking. Whenever you find yourself thinking something negative, reflect on it, is it something you can control? If yes, try to solve the problem. If no, ignore it.

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