In a generation when trust issues are increasing in relationships, it is important to learn ways to build a better bond with the help of communication skills. Stronger relationships thrive on trust, communication, and mutual understanding. Here are ways you can improve things.

1) Empathy: In a relationship, you should have empathy. To understand better, put yourself in your partner’s shoes to understand what they go through, their feelings, perspectives, and experiences. Having empathy will help both to understand each other on an emotional level

2)Clear Expression And Active Listening: In a healthy relationship, communication should be open and free from fear of judgment. Express your thoughts, feelings, and needs clearly to avoid misunderstandings. Equally important is active listening, which shows respect and prevents your partner from feeling ignored.

3)Respectful Disagreement And Nonverbal Communication: Disagreements are a natural part of any relationship but shouldn’t drive a wedge between you. Choose respect over winning an argument. Please pay attention to your partner’s nonverbal cues-their gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice-to truly understand their feelings.

4) Empowerment: Encourage and support your partner to express themselves openly rather than getting jealous. Help each other to explore and empower together.

5) Feedback: Provide constructive feedback in a respectful manner. This will help both of you grow together and understand each other better.