Violating someone’s trust is considered as the worst sin you would commit.Once the trust is broken it cannot be regained as everyone says, which is partly true but it’s not impossible and you should at least give your best to make up to it. Here are some tips for you if you have broken someone’s trust or if your trust has been broken.

If your trust was broken:

· Communicate

If you feel betrayed, you must communicate with your partner. You should not assume elements, there can be many reasons behind you trust being broken. It’s necessary that you listen to your partner and try to understand them. Only when you effectively communicate you can find a solution over the situation.

· Consider the reason behind the violation

If your partner or friend is giving an explanation as to why they lied to you. If you find the reason valid you must consider it. Most of the times there’s a genuine reason why they violated your trust and at such times you must ponder it. As maintaining a relationship is equally important and for the sake of your relationship, you must try to understand their point of view.

· Forgive

If you find the reason valid and if it can be forgiven, forgive your partner. If your partner is sincerely apologising you should try to forgive. You can take your time to deal with the pain but eventually, you should forgive your partner or friend. Even if you are not going to continue the relationship, you must forgive for your own peace.

If you broke the trust

· Accept it

If you have committed a mistake you must accept it. Accepting your mistake can make it easier for your partner to forgive you. It doesn’t make you less guilty but expresses your guilt. Don’t try to cover up for your mistakes and don’t lie more. Accept your mistake and be ready to face the consequences.

· Sincerely apologise

Once you have accepted your mistake, sincerely apologise to your partner or friend. Don’t let your ego, break your relationship. Say sorry and be ready to put efforts to make up to them. Keep saying sorry and genuinely be sorry about your mistake keeping aside your ego.

· Give your partner time

You have put your partner through pain and it’s difficult to overcome the pain and impossible to overcome within minutes, it might take days to forgive you. But be consistent, say sorry but don’t expect everything to be normal once you said sorry. Give them their space let them decide if they should forgive you, don’t force them.

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