We have heard people say that dating was easier in the old days, but this is false. Because of the benefits of relationships in today’s generation, they were not there earlier. People used to date seriously. Earlier, people used to be committed; they used to promise to live and die together, but in today’s time, everything has changed drastically.

So when a boy in today’s generation says ‘I Love You,’ it becomes very difficult to understand what he exactly means. This is because ‘I Love You’ in today’s time has a different meaning. A boy might get attracted to you, impressed by your beauty, or someone may like your character, and they may consider that as love. And this, in the long run, makes the boy confused.

Also, if a boy wants to propose marriage without dating you, this might mean he is confused about his love, which may change later. In some cases, even after dating, the boy might feel stuck in the relationship.

In conclusion, it is necessary to understand that a relationship will work with equal contribution. Also, you should maintain your relationship at a low pace, as slow and steady wins the race.