· Learn to initiate and expand the conversation

Learn to initiate conversation, make sure to sound insulting so avoid going personal while initiating conversation. Ask general questions about whether politics etc. You may even initiate a conversation by paying a compliment and then expand the conversation by either talking more about the current topic or changing the topic.To improve your social skills, socialising is the only way. Initially, you may find it difficult but as you practice and start observing people you’ll learn more about communication.

· Take care of your non-verbal skills

Along with verbal communication, non-verbal communication skills should also be taken care of to improve your social skills. It’s important to keep a check on your facial expressions when you talk to someone, your expressions should be approachable. Your posture and gesture all should be positive while socialising. Learn to maintain eye contact, while talking with people this makes you look confident.

· Keep a genuine smile

Smiling very necessary, it not only makes you approachable but also attracts people around you and sends positive vibes. People who always smile while talking to others are always loved talking to. However, make sure that your smile is not fake and you genuinely smile while talking to people.

· Spend time in public places

Socialising without going to public places is not possible, so go spend some time in clubs, parks, go on a group tour etc. Spending time with new people gives you the opportunity to make new friends and socialise with everyone and thus improves your social skills.

· Spend time on self-improvement

To improve your social skills, you must work hard on yourself. Take efforts to look good, wear nice clothes, stay neat and tidy, smell good, speak clearly, take care of your voice tone. All these things will help you look more welcoming and pleasant.

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