· Lack of connection

If you love spending time alone than together then probably your connection is failing. You fight a lot and none of you tries to understand the other person, the love and passion are taken over by resentment and grudge then probably it’s a sign of failing marriage. When a couple falls in love and gets married, there is this connection between both of them that helps them understand each other and keeps improving their relationship, if you stop feeling this connection then your marriage is definitely at risk and you must take necessary measures to deal with it.

· Lack of communication

In every marriage, communication is as important as love. If you can’t communicate with someone there is no point of being in love with that person. Communicating your needs, worries, happiness, doubts, achievements etc. are the basis of any relationship. So, if you are lacking communication in your marriage then probably it’s a sign. When you don’t feel like talking to your spouse about things going in your life, there’s something seriously wrong and you must fix it as soon as possible.

· Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is a way of expressing love and it should be likewise. Getting intimate often is a sign of a healthy relationship. You can count it as a sign if you don’t feel like getting intimate with your partner or if your partner refuses to get intimate with you, either way, it’s going to affect your marriage. And by intimacy we mean not only sex but cuddling, kissing, snuggling and sex. If you have only sex, it’s probably because of lust or habit. If you lack intimacy you are missing the major block of your building and it won’t take time for the building to collapse. So, work on your sex life.

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