When you are suspicious about your partner cheating on you, it is quite difficult to deal with it. You have many questions arising in you head whether you are right or wrong?, what will happen to your relationship if your partner is cheating on you? etc. If you have doubt on your partner and can’t really decide, here are few tips to help you out.

· Change in appearance

If your partner suddenly changed his dressing style or has a new haircut this could be to impress someone else. Your partner is suddenly obsessed about how he/she looks then probably they are cheating on you. You should ask them about the sudden change in their appearance and if they fumble while answering or if they answered as if they were waiting for this question, something is definitely wrong.

· They don’t let you touch their phone

Any couple let their partners use their phones and probably your partner did too. But now, if your partner gets nervous when you take his phone or doesn’t let you touch his phone there is something fishy. If suddenly your partner changes the password of the phone and other social media apps you must take this as an alarming sign.

· They seem frustrated around you

If your partner is cheating on you with someone else. They might probably get frustrated when you are around because they cannot contact with their new companion. They might also get angry on you for the smallest reason.

· They are showing extra care and love

Some partners might show extra love and care to their current partners when they are cheating on them, to avoid creating a doubt in their head. If you are receiving more love then required it can be a sign for you.

· Increase in expenditures

Dating isn’t free, your partner will have to spend money on gifts, dinner etc. If you find increase in expenditure ask for the explanation if your partner avoids giving one. Something is wrong for sure.

· They avoid spending time with you

If your partner is avoiding contact with you, or just contacts you with reason. Cheating might be the reason. You being around might make them feel guilty and uncomfortable for their deeds.

If you are seeing any of these signs or any other signs like lack of physical intimacy, lack of interest etc. You need to sit them down and talk to them clearly about what you feel. Don’t restrict them from doing anything it will not help rebuild your relationship. Talking might be the only solution for this.