What is sleep anxiety?

Sleep anxiety is the stress you get while trying to sleep. Whether you are scared of darkness or anything else, it becomes difficult for some people to sleep at night. Due to which the lack enough sleep. And not being able to sleep enough will affect your health. So here are a few tips to get rid of sleep anxiety.

· Write it down

It’s likely for people with sleep anxiety to have end number of thoughts while trying to sleep. It is recommended that such people keep a notebook around and write down all the thoughts they receive. This will help then calm down and relax.

· Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness will help you achieve peace and keep you calm. You just have to focus on any object and forget every other thought for a while, it will surely help you. Mindfulness and meditation help you have control over your mind and thus you can consciously be kind to yourself.

· Create a sleep routine

Doesn’t matter if you are sleepy or not go to bed at that particular time you set and no matter at what time you fall asleep, wake up at the decided time. Doing this for a few days, this will set a routine for you and once your body gets used to eat you’ll automatically fall asleep.

· Manage your environment

Manage your sleeping environment. Keep your AC temperature according to your comfort, it shouldn’t be too cold. If you can’t sleep in darkness, keep a small light on. If there is too much silence, turn on the fan, it might help. Make sure what works for you and adjust your environment accordingly.

· Talk to professional

If you still can’t sleep and are facing major issues regarding sleep, you must see a professional. If you have a sleep disorder or any mental disorders you should ask for professional help. The professional might come out with some solution to your issue.

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