· Be each other’s BFF

Make your spouse your best friend. Like friends always be there for each other. You should have fun together and there should be any hesitation between you two to share your secrets. As best friends don’t judge each other, you must not judge your spouse. Be yourself when you are around them and let them be themselves. Don’t try to change your spouse, instead, accept them as they are.

· Pay compliments

Even after marriage, you must compliment your partner like you used to do when you first started dating. If you think” they already know it, why should I say the same thing.”, you are wrong. Everyone likes to hear compliments even if they know it.

When you compliment your partner, you show them that you still find them attractive. It’s a sweet reminder to your partner that they are wonderful and you love them.

· Lend help

Don’t let your partner do all the household work. Lend a helping hand, together you can finish your work faster and you have enough time with each other. Helping each other is another gesture to let your spouse know that you are there for them.

· Get intimate often

Start and end your each day with kiss. You might wonder kissing is so normal act, but trust me it’s an intimate moment, every couple must-have. Spend time just cuddling with your partner and you must also indulge in sec quite often. All this gestures are the way to express your love, attraction and passion towards each other.

· Don’t sleep angry

It’s ok to fight with your partner and is quite normal between every couple. But you must never sleep angry. Resolving your conflict before you do to bed is very important. Talk to each other, accept your mistakes and apologize and make up with your partner.

Don’t forget to kiss your partner before you sleep.

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