· Feeling safe around each other

Do you feel safe around your partner? If the answer is no, then no matter how much you love your partner you must break your relationship. Especially, if there is any emotional or physical abuse. If you are in a toxic relationship, you might not be aware of it because all you focus on is love you have for that person. For a while keeping your love aside, think do you have any other reason to be with that person? If the answer is no, it’s time to say goodbye.

· Good communication

If the relationship is a car then communication is the fuel, without communication, your relationship can’t work. You need communication to express your love, to set boundaries, to share your emotions, talk about your needs and even to have good sex.

If you don’t have proper communication among the two of you there will be lots of misunderstandings, unawareness about each other’s problems and thus leading to arguments. Only love and no communication will not make your relationship last longer.

· Being yourself

Does your partner want to change you? If yes, you must give up on your relationship. No relationship is worth changing yourself. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you should be dependent on other person to decide for you. In a relationship you should grow, evolve to be better but should never change yourself because someone else wants you to.

· Being happy together

Even if there is lot of love, understanding and communication but if you are not happy as a couple then there’s no point in it. Happiness is really important. Both if you should be happy independently and when you come together you must share and increase each other’s happiness. There are going to be tough times but when you support each other to overcome them, you experience true happiness.

· Trust among the two

There should be trust among you and your partner. You should be honest with each other and understand each other. Because it doesn’t matter how much you love that person, if you are not able to trust them it’s going to be useless relationship. Trust not only assigns with cheating and infidelity but with intimate information and that they will always be there for you.

· Respect towards each other

Respect is an important factor in a relationship. Your partner can have totally opposite interest and career choices but you must be able to respect each other choices and liking. You must respect each other without judgements, demands and expectations.

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