· Be creative

Since there is no way you can work like old methods. A virtual office is a new way of how offices are going to work. It is quite natural that continuously working over emails is going to stuck all the employees in a rut. To keep employees engaged and motivated, the leader must be creative while motivating them. He should try new methods to motivate like sending them motivational quotes, playing online games, video calls just to talk about everything other than work.

· Acknowledge hard virtual work

Many organizations mistake work from home as no work and load the employees with more and more work. As a good leader, you must acknowledge the hard work done by the employees and should not misunderstand work from home as no work and overload the employees.

· Be punctual

As a leader you must set the example of punctuality, many managers think that you don’t have 9-5 schedule anymore and can call anytime you want, which is wrong. If as a leader you are punctual and work according to decided time even your subordinates will be punctual and complete work before deadline.

· Respect employees obligations

You must understand the employee’s point of view to the whole work from home thing. While working from home they have to also deal with their family. The leader must respect their home life challenges. Just because the employees are working from home doesn’t mean they should not have work-life balance. For many employees, there are many other members in their house all stuck under one roof, using the same internet and other facilities. As a good leader, you must respect their obligations and talk with them and discuss flexible hours.

· Improve communication

As a leader, you must provide your employees with the necessary tools and equipment required to work from home. For effective leadership, effective communication is quite necessary. As you all are working virtually, communication becomes an important aspect of working from home. So, the leader must give proper guidance about how to communicate while working from home.

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