· Be compassionate

Without compassion in our heart, there would be no good deeds in the world. Compassion is necessary to understand other people’s pain and struggle, to empathize with them and to help them out. There are so many people suffering from various problems and so many people who are helping them to survive only because they have compassion in their heart. Compassion is the value you must adopt for yours and others happiness.

· Be grateful

Being grateful is one of the important values you need to adopt. Gratitude can help you with a powerful attitude when you find yourself in the trench. Being thankful for what you are gifted with in life rather than complaining about what you lack gives you more positivity and happiness.

· Be forgiving

Learn to forgive because life is too short to hold grudges. Forgiving lets your inner self be in peace. Everyone of us have come across people who have done wrong to us. But only few of us have forgiven. When we don’t forgive we don’t let our wounds heal. Forgive and forget is the best mantra to lead a happy life.

· Be giving

Give and you shall get. You are not here on earth forever and you are not going to carry your possession with you once you are dead. So don’t be a miser,don’t try to collect material things. Doesn’t matter how much or how little you earn, always help the one’s less privileged than you. Only when you give you get because what goes around comes around.

· Be humble

Humility is something everyone adores. Even if you earn too much, you must always be humble towards other people. It refrains you from being arrogant and selfish and keeps your feet on the ground, so when you fall it doesn’t hurt.

· Be honest

Honesty is something everyone must adopt in their life. Being honest always pays. When you lie you get stuck in the loop of lies. Because to hide your one lie you have to be dishonest for many times and this goes on until you are caught and you have no explanation at all which is very embarrassing. So avoid lying as much as you could.

· Be respectful

When you respect others you are respected. Doesn’t matter if the other person is younger or older than you, you must always respect another human irrespective of their age, gender, caste or religion. People love being respected and you build more close relations when you are respectful.

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