As long as your working for a limited set of time, it is easier to maintain work-life balance. But once you start working for longer hours or accepting more challenges in your work life, it becomes difficult to find time for yourself. However, striking a perfect balance between work and life is important for both your life to go smoothly.

· Set your work time

You must decide your working hours, and deciding the working hours is not enough you must stick to it. If you go to the office , avoid working after office hours. Don’t waste time in working hours and be most efficient in those hours, so that you complete your work on time.

· Develop a hobby outside work

Develop a hobby that is not related to your work. Try spending time doing something you love this will make you happy and freshen up your mind.

· Take time for family and friends

Take time out of work and spend it with your family and friends. After office hours meet your friends or come home to your family. It makes them happy and also cheers you up. Share stories of the day with them.

· Learn to say no

If your manager or your colleague is asking you to complete for then you are assigned and you are already overwhelmed with work you can say no. If you can’t say no ask them for more time.

· Go on a vacation

You should take a week off every 6 months to go on a vacation with your friends or family. Staying away from work and office will help you calm your mind and be happy and stress-free to work for another 6 months.

· Maintain your private time

You must daily allot some time to yourself. Maintain your private time where you can take care of yourself and your body. Exercise, yoga or eating something you love, entertaining yourself is also must.

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