There are individuals who want to earn but feel lazy about going to work. Well, it might seem contradictory, but there are indeed jobs that suit individuals who prefer a slower pace or minimal physical exertion. Check out the list below.

Freelance Writer/Editor: If you are good in English and grammar, you can enjoy working from home and also, as per your availability with options like freelance writing or editing
It is a flexible job for lazy and homesick people.

Virtual Assistant: Companies hire virtual assistants to handle administrative work from home. In this job, you must organize schedules, answer emails, etc.

Social Media Manager: This is an on-demand job today. You monitor and update businesses’ social media handles. You can do this from home with a good internet connection, but you should be creative and active.

Data Entry Clerk: Data entry jobs are relatively low-stress and don’t require much physical effort. You just need to put information into databases or spreadsheets.

Online Tutor: You don’t need a class or an organization to teach, but you can make videos or teach privately through online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google Meet, etc.

Tester/QA Analyst: This position is for those who love working online and with software. You can test software, websites, or products for bugs or defects, which often involves sitting at a computer and following predetermined procedures.

Bookkeeper: Keeping track of financial records and business transactions, which can be done remotely and at one’s own pace.