In recent times, the cost of living in India has increased, which has made it difficult for people to survive with low income. From higher rents to increasing rates of petrol and groceries, everything has become expensive now. In India, multiple jobs can help you earn around two lakhs per month. Let’s take a look below.

1) Professional Jobs: Professional sectors like IT, doctors, chartered accountants, lawyers, data scientists, investment bankers, and so on. But you must have certain skills and excellence for all these professional work.

2) Own Business: Undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to earn good money. You can start your own company for food products, skincare, dairy, rations, etc. But in the beginning, you need finance; later on, you can clear it all. And the best part is you don’t need any qualifications.

3) Social Media Influencer: Social Media is everywhere, and everyone is on social media. And you can become too. Your single post can help you earn lakhs depending on your popularity and followers.

4) Start Your YouTube Channel: Several successful YouTubers like Bhuvan Bam, Prajakta Koli, Technical Guruji, and many more exist. So create your content and earn money in lakhs.

5) Real Estate: There is no doubt that real estate prices are skyrocketing. And if you have capital to invest, plan to purchase a residential or commercial space. You can give it on rent or open a shop yourself, and it will all be worth it.