If you are happy you may or may not be at peace and if you are at peace you will mostly be happy, however, it depends on whether the factors are internal or external.

Happiness is quite easy to find as compared to peace. You can find happiness in buying new stuff or earning your first salary or marrying the love of your life. But finding peace is not easy and it doesn’t really depend on these external factors. Happiness, because, it depends on material factors can be easily achieved every day but finding peace is not a single day thing it requires continuous efforts to be truly peaceful.

What is happiness? Does it depend on peace?

Happiness is often related to spontaneity; happiness is more about fun and laughing. When people say you can’t buy happiness, I don’t think it is true because happiness mainly depends on external and materialistic things and can be bought by money. But the peace of mind can’t be bought by money. You can have everything in the world on your fingertips but you are not at peace with yourself then you are going to be unhappy. When you are at peace, you are definitely going to be happy no matter how much more or less you own but if you don’t have peace of mind then you may or may not be happy.

While we debate about what comes first, we must not forget that we have the strength of finding both happiness and peace within us. Without spending money you can be happy and be peaceful just by being satisfied with what you own, with your behaviour and with your relations with other people. When you are content and satisfied with you and have a peaceful mind, there’s no way you could be unhappy, the contentment and peace will lead you to happiness.

Therefore, we can conclude that peace of mind is difficult to achieve but is still important to obtain everlasting happiness. Without peace, it is difficult to be happy internally. So peace comes first and peace is more important than being happy.

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