Elon Musk born in South Africa, is the CEO of Tesla motors, CEO and CTO of SpaceX and chairman of Solarcity. The 48 year old is an inspiration for many.Person who created several billion dollars company based on his vision , we definitely have many things to learn from him. Elon Musk is a great leader and we can grab some leadership skills from him.

· Set an example

Elon Musk himself is said to be working 120 hours a week. This sets an example for his team mates to work harder towards the goal. According to Elon Musk working for longer hours lets you finish your work earlier than others and this benefits you.

· Accepting Failure

“Failure is a option here. if you things are not failing you are not innovating” -Elon musk

SpaceX have failed various attempts but have always stood up and tried again. This leadership skill of standing up again along with the team is required in every leader.

· Help team to overcome obstacles

Elon musk always helps his team to tackle the problem and help finding a solution.

He said “I move myself to wherever the biggest problem is in Tesla” we can conclude from his statement that he is always present to assist his team mates when they are stuck.

· Right job to right people

Elon Musk has the most talented people on his team. But it is very important to give right job to the right people to get the best results . He once said “If you’re trying to create a company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.”. Therefore a good leader must know to use the talent appropriately.

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