Mahatma Gandhi proved us the power of peace, which is far greater than violence. He brought freedom to the country by staying peaceful and nonviolent.

According to Mahatma Gandhi, “The power of peace is greater than the power of violence. Peaceful methods are far more effective than violent methods. Constructive goals can be achieved only through peaceful means, while violent ways lead to destruction and ruin.”

When you take the road of violence, you give the reason and opportunity for the opposition to be violent. Violence only causes destruction and ruin, if you want to solve a problem try to solve it with peaceful methods. Because when you are peaceful and calm the other party can’t or won’t take a violent step. This is the power of peace. With peace around and inside a person, he can definitely achieve success.

Being peaceful is not only beneficial to people around you but also beneficial for the inner you. Peace of mind is the hardest thing to achieve. Having a peaceful mind reduces your stress, worries and improve your health and happiness. Peace of mind also saves a lot of energy and time of yours, which otherwise you would be spending being violent while achieving nothing out of it but only hatred and intolerance. But practising peaceful way if living not only spreads love and compassion but also peace among society.

A peaceful society is still a fictitious one but whenever it comes into existence, the human race is going to be the happiest. With no violence around there’s going to be more love, compassion and humanity and all these aspects will lead us to build an ideal world that only looks forward to progress while holding the hands of each other and supporting and caring for each other.

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