· Avoid responding aggressively

Even if you are frustrated and angry with someone, try to stay calm and respond to your colleagues or boss. It’s quite natural to get fed up of office politics and be upset about it but honestly, there’s nothing you change about it. So to survive your office politics, keep your self calm and peaceful. Because there will be many people in the office who would use your anger for their benefit.

· Stick to your personal values

No matter how other workers behave at the office and what tactics they use to get their work done, you make sure to stick to your personal values and ethics. Following your values will keep you peaceful and happy despite all the stress. Also, behaving ethically gives you the upper hand and keeps you safe when there are some major issues related to office politics.

· Build a friendship with co-workers

It will be great to have friends at the office to help you deal with the stress and who can lighten your load.To build strong bonding with your colleagues, be useful to them, help them if they need you. However, avoid ranting about work constantly as it may fire back at you.

· Be a good co-worker

Being a good co-worker means helping your colleagues, being reliable for whatever task is allotted to you, you may want to talk about your accomplishments but see that you are not bragging about it. Appreciate when your co-workers achieve something. Being a good worker, helps you avoid office politics thus helping you survive it.

· Get an upper hand

Even if you don’t like the person who plays dirty, get close to them and closely observe their moves. Learn how they play so that you don’t fall in their trap, all the while being alert about it. Also, get in good relations with people who have influence in the office, they will help you a lot to deal with office politics.

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