· Involve your friends or family

Involve either your friends or family in your goal. Involving someone will help you have someone to motivate you to keep going. There will always be someone to keep a check on you.This will help you stick to your goal because it becomes difficult to give up when everyone knows about it. Being accountable to someone is the best motivation to work hard. Talk to your friends and family about how they can help you achieve your goals.

· Visualise the results

Imagine about the results when you achieve your goals. It’s amazing right? When you have the results in your head it keeps you going and working hard.Achieving something is not always easy, it’s going to get difficult but when the journey becomes tough to think of the results. Visualising things and assuming you have already achieved them is a great way to stick to your goals.

· Segregate your goals

If your goal is to lose weight, divide your goal into parts like your first goal should be to eat a healthy diet, the second could be exercise. By doing so it becomes easier and you get a clearer idea of your direction and journey

· Measure your progress

Keep a track of your progress, daily make sure you have done something that will move you forward towards your goal. You can’t achieve what you want in one day, the process is slow but make sure even if it’s slow you are moving. Measuring your progress helps you understand where you started and where you are now and the results will surely motivate you.

· Believe in what you can achieve

Believe in yourself and believe that you can achieve what you want to. There’s nothing that is impossible in this world. Everything can be achieved with hard work, determination and most importantly belief that you can achieve it.

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