· Evaluate your situation

First of all, evaluate your situation. Find out the reason as to why do you feel your job is miserable. Is it because of the workload or your boss or the working conditions or colleagues? Once you know the reason behind it. It will become easy for you to take the necessary steps. Don’t accept your condition as it is, rather try to improve it.

· Switch your perspective

There are many people around who are working for more hours than you and are probably getting paid much less. There are people who are working in terrible working conditions. When you think of such people you realise you are in a far better place than those. Switch your perspective and you’ll be motivated to work.

· Vent about it

It can be relaxing to rant and rave about it, with someone you trust at your office or in your friend circle. It’s important to vent it out and get those feelings off your chest to feel relaxed. Not talking about it can be suffocating and can lead to depression. So keep irritating your friends with your rants.

· Take part in a fun activity every day

In your daily schedule include some fun activities. It can be playing games with your colleagues in the lunch break or anything that helps you relax your mind and you also enjoy doing it. You can listen to music, munch your favourite snack etc. Also, after reaching home make sure to have fun and laugh a lot every day. Go to parties or movies with your friends. But, make sure to keep work-related issues at work.

· Try to do better at work

Instead of putting your energy in hating your job, try to put it in doing better and your problem might get solved itself. When you start doing better, you automatically start loving it. Remember the time when you won the trophy at sports you absolutely hated and you actually started liking that sport. It’s the same psyche, we love doing what we are good at. So make yourself good at what you hate.

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