· Arrive early

Don’t be late on your first day, it gives a really wrong impression. Instead, arrive a bit early. And be prepared to leave late. It’s important to figure out your transport time, so you can decide what time you should leave your house.

· Take care of your appearance

It’s your first day be well dressed and well-groomed. It is going to be our first impression on your colleagues, make it the best one.

· Ask questions, advice and learn

On the first day, you are likely to not know a few things. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions about the office, work etc. Take advice from your boss, colleagues. This also shows that you are willing to learn.

· Be honest

If you don’t know anything be honest and tell the truth. Don’t lie about it as you are going to be caught sooner or later.

· Build relations

Introduce yourself to your colleagues, be friendly and have a smile on your face, try making friendship. After all, you are going to work with them.


· Don’t stress too much

No need to stress about your first day. If you stress too much you are going to mess up things and appear more nervous. So relax and calm down. Think positive about yourself this will help boost your confidence.

· Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are stuck at something ask for help either from your colleague or your manager. They will surely help you. If you don’t ask for help you might do mistakes, so it’s better to ask help.

· Don’t presume you know everything

Be humble, don’t presume you know everything. No one likes someone who states he knows it all but actually doesn’t. So take your time to listen and learn. No need to show your talent on the very first day.

· Don’t violate workplace protocols

It’s very important to follow the rules. Every organisation has certain rules and protocols. Make sure to follow them all. Or else you might find yourself in trouble on the first day itself.

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