· Wake when the world wakes up

Don’t wake up too late, wake up when your co-workers and family members wake up. So that you have time to talk to them before beginning the work. Waking up just before the working hours begin will leave you with no time to spend with family or friends.

· Interact with your co-workers

Even while working from home stay connected with your colleagues. Interact with them regarding the work. You can also talk with them about personal issues if you are close enough. Keeping interaction alive while working keeps you energetic and helps you be more efficient.

· Contact friends and family

If you are staying alone, take time to call your friends and family. Talk to them about your day. Ask them about theirs. Video call your group of friends to have fun on the chat. Staying connected to your friends and family will keep you happy and help you survive the work from home and staying alone.

· take a small walk or exercise

To spend time, you can either choose to go for a walk early in the morning or in the evening. Or you can choose to exercise. Exercise and walking help you refresh your mind and also keeps you healthy. Being an extrovert it is difficult to stay inside the house the whole time, you can go for a walk just to feel the air.

· Participate in online events

Take part in online events taking place, now during the lockdown, all the restaurants and public places are closed you can’t go to parties to have fun. So you can choose to attend online events that can bring fun to your daily routine and also help you interact with new people.
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