· Accomplishments

Accomplishments like cracking the exams, cracking a job interview etc. are the accomplishments you need to achieve before beginning your career, you also need to keep on accomplishing many things throughout your journey, which begins with education and ends with retirement. Though it is a milestone it is not a one-time milestone, you need to keep achieving this milestone again and again.

· Improvement

Another milestone you must keep achieving is an improvement. You must continuously keep learning and improving yourself. Improving yourself will keep making you the better version and will help you get better opportunities.

· Network

Once you start settling in your career, you must start building your network. In fact, you must start building a network when you are trying to enter into an industry. As a businessman or a service person, the network is very important, knowing people and maintaining good relations with them will definitely help you in future. If you want to grow, you need the help of other people, so start building contacts and spreading your network.

· Impact

Impact, another milestone you should achieve. Be so good at anything you do that you inspire people around you. Create your impact on the world, make a difference in the world, doesn’t matter if it’s small or big. Creating an impact is not easy but should be tried to achieve.

· Success

The last milestone is a success. When you achieve all the above milestone, it becomes easier to achieve success. Success isn’t served in your plate, you need to work hard for it. You need to climb small steps and keep improving yourself. When you are on the top, you should be able to connect with people because being alone is boring so build a good network and create an impact on the world then you can be considered successful.

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