· On cloud nine

Meaning- Extremely happy

Use-I felt like I was on cloud9 when she said that she loves me a lot.

On cloud nine is an expression or phrase which people use when they are extremely happy. It often used when people want to state that their happiness is perfect.

· Over the moon

Meaning- extremely pleased

Use-He was over the moon when he got a job with his dream company.

Over the moon is an expression mostly used when a person is extremely pleased by an event and has a feeling of success and satisfaction.

· Pleased as punch

Meaning-very pleased

Use-She was as pleased as Punch about the promotion

This phrase is used to express your happiness or when you are delighted. Pleased as punch can express your exact feeling when you are not extremely happy but not unhappy as well.

· On top of the world

Meaning- Feeling happy and content or feeling special.

Use-when he proposed to me, I felt on top of the world.

On top of the world is again a phrase to express extreme satisfaction and success through words. When your happiness comes through success or accomplishment or even when you feel differently special for everyone else.

· Grin from ear to ear

Meaning-smiling broadly

Use-After you watch this show you’ll be grinning from ear to ear for a long time.

This expression is used when you want to express other people’s happiness. That is when you see someone happy and smiling with contentment. Then you might use this expression.

· Have the time of (one’s) life

Meaning-To enjoy one’s life very much

Use- When we went on a vacation we had the time of our life.

Having the time of our life can be used when you enjoyed a particular period of your life very much and are extremely happy about it. It’s not always you are going to get certain experiences and when you had one, you had a time of your life.

· In seventh heaven

Meaning-Very happy or ecstatic

Use-When I won the match, I was in seventh heaven

In seventh heaven is similar to over the moon and on cloud nine as it states extreme happiness and satisfaction. Often these phrase is used when you receive unexpected happiness or satisfaction.

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