There have always been two thoughts about ignorance. One being ignorance is bliss and the other one is exactly opposite that says ignorance is a misfortune. Both being opposite are absolutely true. Talking about ignorance is a misfortune, it is said because ignorance is lack of knowledge and half knowledge or no knowledge is dangerous. Ignorance can lead to stupidity.

Why Ignorance is bliss?

Sometimes it’s important to be ignorant than to have a headache. Some facts, some information is better ignored than acknowledged. Ignorance a certain problem is sometimes the best way to deal with it. For instance, you have a relative who is constantly interfering in your life with their pieces of advice and unwanted taunts. With such relatives, you can’t fight because you don’t want them to interfere but the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. In many cases, like this one, ignorance is considered bliss. You must not be ignorant about important things in life and the world, but it’s ok to ignorant about useless and meaningless information. Being ignorant of such information only lessens your stress and saves enough time to learn about something more meaningful.

How to ignore meaningless information or person?

· Acknowledge what is bothering you, if a person or information about something is bothering you and putting you in stress. Acknowledge it. Decide whether this particular person or information is useful to you or not. If not you must ignore them. If they don’t matter ignore.

· Accept the situation you can’t control. There are certain things you can’t control, stressing about them is of no use. Overthinking about such situation will help you with nothing. Therefore such situations must be ignored. No matter how much you wanted the cricket team to win the match, if they lose there’s nothing you can do about it. So ignoring the fact and moving on is the best option.

· Focus on positives around you, ignore the negative people, situation and information. If something so useless isstressing you out and something is disturbing you. In such case ignorance is bliss. Ignorance will give you peace and happiness.

· Remember, that your happiness and peace is not important than any piece of useless information or any person around you.

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