· Value experiences over things

Learn to value experiences over things or possession, things will give you happiness for a limited period of time but experiences stay with us forever. Good experiences or bad ones, we all laugh or smile at them later in life. So focus more on gaining experiences than on possessions. For instance, instead of buying expensive mobiles to play games or see videos, enjoy playing games in reality and not virtually. Go on a vacation, spend time with family, these experiences are going to stay forever with you.

· Stop recreational shopping

Recreational shopping is shopping done to refresh yourself, to find happiness and to relieve stress. But how long does this happiness last? Not even a week! It is therefore recommended to avoid recreational shopping, buy things only when necessary or things that would enhance your experiences. Buy things to gift someone but avoid wasting money to be happy by buying useless stuff. Instead, invest that money, help someone in need and I am sure you’ll be happier, more satisfied and definitely relieved from stress.

· Practice gratitude

Gratefulness is so powerful tool to make you happy. Being grateful for all the good and bad things in your life is very much Important. Yes, bad things or experiences too because they are our best teachers. Being grateful for things you already have will help you stay satisfied and happy, it will also help you get more things to be grateful for. Gratefulness is a virtue everybody must possess.

· Respect nature

Respecting nature and taking care of the environment will teach you the importance of life, hard work and many such useful qualities. Nature has a solution for every problem, stop using nature for your greed instead, start taking care of nature by avoiding plastic, reusing things, planting more trees etc. This will not only give you happiness but also to the next generation.

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