· It’s relatable

Friends are probably the most relatable show you will ever watch. Its plots and story are quite relatable to many people and even if they aren’t everybody wishes to have friends like them. It is also quite a funny show and is perfect to watch whenever you are feeling low, happy, bored basically anytime.

· It never gets old

The show aired on TV almost 25 years ago and still relatable to today’s youth and life. People still find the show funny and they love it. The show actually never did get old, it still receives the same or in fact more amount of love from the audience.

· It has the best one-liners

The show has some best one-liners which will definitely make you laugh. Specially Chandler has some amazing sarcasm skills and his dialogue delivery is on time and perfect.In fact, the show is well created where all the characters are given an equal amount of jokes.

· It teaches us that it’s ok to not be perfect

When you are feeling low, you probably are thinking negative thoughts about yourself but this show will make sure to bring positivity. It has shown all the characters imperfect and still beautiful on their own.The show teaches us that everyone is imperfect and it’s ok to be like that.

· It proves that life can be great even if things didn’t go as planned

Friends have shown us that it’s not necessary that our life goes as planned but still life is going to be beautiful. Everything happens for a reason, which makes our life beautiful. So don’t get upset when things don’t go as you wanted them to go.

· The characters

The characters or friends themselves are the reason why you must watch friends. All the characters are somehow funny and convincing in their own way. They all have a unique personality and still, they get along so well is what I admire the most.
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