You can’t be happy unless you decide to be happy. Nothing can keep you happy but you yourself can. Happiness is different for different people. Happiness is also different in a different situation. So happiness can’t be measured. It’s a feeling that everyone seeks. So here are a few secrets to happiness.

· Stay positive

No matter what try to stay positive in every situation. If you have any negative thought hitting your head, replace it with a positive thought. Thinking positive automatically changes your mood and makes you happier.

· Live in the moment

Living in the present is very important to stay happy. The past is gone and the future is uncertain therefore, you must live today. Stop worrying about the past and stressing about the future, it’s not in our hands. All we have is now and try to make the most of it. Enjoy every moment of life. It is a great way to stay happy.

· Do what you love and love what you do

Passion is very important while you do certain work. So choose your career wisely. Do what you love it will make you happy while working. At times you’ll have to do work which you don’t like but since you have to do it, do with all your heart. It will make you satisfied and happy.

· Celebrate little wins of your life

Life is full of uncertain events. We have to face success as well as failure. But it’s important to celebrate every little success of yours and take failure with a sporting spirit and try to learn from it. Take pleasure in small moments they add up and make you happy.

· Create a significant relationship

Having a good friend or a life partner or a supporting family is very essential to keep us happy. As human beings, we have that need to interact with other humans. Talking to friends and family can be very pleasing and bring lots of happiness. Nothing can make you happy than the feeling of being loved.