· Connect with your neighbours

Become friends with your neighbours. It is said that having good neighbours is always better than relatives. Neighbours are the one’s who will arrive first to help you. So it’s important to keep good connections with your neighbours. Often meet them, share some good conversation with them. It will improve your relations.

· Spend quality time with friends and family

Besides neighbours friends and family are our real support system. Our family is always there to support us and help us with every problem. Same goes with friends, even if families abandon your friends would never do that even if you are wrong. Having true friends is a blessing. So make sure to stay connected with your friends and family, spend time with them, share your happiness and your issues with them to build a strong bond.

· Be generous towards people

Be generous and help people around, be nice to people, always smile on someone looking at you. These are the ways you spread happiness among society. A good deed never goes waste it will be returned to you in some way or the other.

· Avoid being angry and yelling

Even if you are frustrated try to stay calm. Talk to people with a lower tone. Don’t raise your voice on someone. These small things if followed by people will bring peace in the society. But charity begins at home, you bring the change in yourself slowly the world around you will change.

· Let humanity be your 1st religion

Every one of us has different religions but one common religion we all must follow is the religion of humanity. Behave like a human with other beings. Don’t be cruel to someone who doesn’t share the same ideas as you. Don’t behave brutally with any being. Practice humanity, be nice to people and animals, show love and compassion to everyone.

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