Life is never going to be all sugar. Ups and downs are a part of life and that makes us go. We face lots of challenges in our life that makes it hectic and stressful. But however the situations are we must never fail to be happy. Happiness puts pain away, being cheerful and happy makes us hope for something better in life. Certain changes in your habits will help you lead a happy life.

· Spend time in nature

Go outside as often as you can, spend time observing nature breathe some fresh air, grab calmness, seek peace into nature, little things in nature will surely make you happy.

· Self-love habits

Follow habits of loving yourself. Keep yourself and your happiness a priority, therefore all your activities will revolve around your happiness.

· Express yourself

Express yourself to someone who will listen to you. Share your feelings Whether you are stressed or facing any problem with your loved ones. Sharing your feelings makes your heart feel lighter and will make you happy.

· Acceptance

Accept the fact that you or anyone in this world is not perfect. Accept yourself the way you are and the skin you are in. Accepting yourself can give you immense satisfaction and lots of happiness.

· Don’t overthink

Overthink eats up all your happiness as there is no place for any happy thoughts in your mind. Overthinking about any sad event is not going to change it. And overthinking about what is going to happen in the future is of no help. So live in the present and be happy.

· Eat healthy

Eat good and healthy food. It’s also ok to sometimes eat not so healthy but your favourite food. Treating yourself with tasty food sometimes is one habit you must adapt to stay happy.

· Exercise

Move your body to get a fit and healthy body, lazing around will make you gain weight and unhealthy, and staying in an unhealthy body is never a good choice. It will only make you unhappy.
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