1. Choose to love yourself no matter what. Be comfortable in your own skin, know that you are beautiful even if people around you say otherwise.

2. Choose to surround yourself with great and supportive people, avoid negative people as they imbibe negative thoughts and create a negative environment. Positive people will always support you and try to make you happy.

3. Choose to be grateful to people even if they have helped you in a small way. Never be ungrateful and take anyone for granted. Count on your blessings and be thankful for them. Thanking someone will help you choose happiness and kindness.

4. Choose to own a positive attitude, accept the thing as they are with a good heart. Don’t blame anyone or anything for what comes your way. Accept what you have and deal with it positively.

5. Choose to keep your expectations low. Avoid expecting too much as expectations hurt and they also bring negativity in your life.

6. Choose to smile more often, smile at strangers to make them feel good. When you smile your heart feels good and you tend to become happy. Smiling releases stress for a while and if you smile more often it’s going to boost your level of happiness.

7. Choose to be healthy, practising self-care is very necessary to include happiness in your life. Exercise, eating healthy and taking care of your skin and body all come under self-care and taking care of yourself is mandatory to be happy.

8. Choose to be kind, helping others will surely make you happy. Because when we help others we somehow bring a positive change in their life which makes them happy and seeing their happiness, you can’t stay unhappy.

9. Choose to let go of things that are compressing your happiness. Forgive and let go of things that have no reason to be held on to. Letting go will help you earn inner peace, which is an essential part of being happy.

10. Choose to practice one life-improving discipline to lead a better life. When you are satisfied with the life you lead no one can stop you from being happy.

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