“There’s more joy in giving than in receiving”

Why you should give?

Anne Frank said, “No one becomes poor by giving”.By giving you not only share happiness but make a noticeable difference in someone’s life. Life is more about being happy than being rich. Leading a life with lots of possessions and wealth but no satisfaction is a useless life. Being generous and giving money out of your wallet might reduce your little wealth but for the receiver, it can be life-saving. If you give something to eat to a poor person it hardly affected your pocket but you saved the poor man’s life for the day.

As human beings, we must take care of each other. You are always privileged a little more than someone else. Generosity helps us survive as human beings. if we would have been selfish,humans would be an extinct species. Over the years we have survived by helping each other in one or the other ways. Giving is a selfish good deed. As joey said in friends “ There is no selfless good deed”. Giving is a selfish good deed. We give because it makes us happy or satisfied. We give because we want to make someone in need smile which will eventually make us happy. So giving is going to make you happy that’s for sure.

Whom should you give?

Giving doesn’t mean gifts for your friends who can afford the gift themselves. Your generosity should have an impact on someone’s life. Give money or food or anything to someone who truly needs it. Not your friend or colleague who already has a lot.

How does it bring happiness?

Giving can be considered as an investment and happiness being its returns. When you learn to live with an open heart and without any expectations in return you’ll surely receive more than what you give. The law of karma can be applied here. What goes around comes around. But in case of good deeds, it comes with interest. If you do something good to someone else, you will be benefited too with more than you gave. You might have helped someone with a few dollars but in return, you would receive more money. But while giving you should give with a pure heart with no intention of gaining a return.

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