Ever since lockdown has commenced, people are stuck at home with nothing to do and eventually getting bored to death. With the outdoor activities shut closed for us, it is common that we feel trapped and life seems to have become stultified. But that’s not all true, since we have some activities, we can perform to be jolly again.

  1. Cards – If you live with a big joint family, you will have enough members to play different games using cards.
  2. Snakes and ladders – Every individual must be aware of this game. Played mostly in our childhood, snakes and ladders is a very exciting game.
  3. Ludo – If you are aware of the snakes and ladders game then you must be familiar with this game. Usually, a playing board consists of snakes and ladders on one side and Ludo on another.
  4. Pen-fight – Not many people know but this use to be a popular game in the early 2000s. All you have to do is place pens on a flat surface(table), and fight to push rival pens outside the surface using fingers only.
  5. Pen and paper games – Paper games were most played during school hours in a boring lecture. X and O, name place animal thing, dots and lines are some of the games to try.
  6. Video games – This is an easy option since almost every house has kids who play video games. But it should be more fun if you install games that can be played with the family together.
  7. Ping pong – If you enough space to place a table tennis board, you can play ping pong. This can game can also help in getting rid of some calories.

You can also try to play some brain games online to keep your brain running. Above games can also be played for a prize or award. Also, you can punish the loser by giving him any household chores!! This should add spice to the game and make it competitive. Playing these games will surely reduce the boredom to some extent.