The medical research team of almost all the potential countries are trying their best to find the vaccine for the corona Virus. The threat of the virus still remains swinging on our heads and due to not prevention and cure yet found, it’s scarier. However, everyone is waiting eagerly for the vaccine to come out and to return back to normal life.

Why is the vaccine important?

The corona Virus has affected millions of people all over the world, it’s clear that the virus spreads easily and no matter how much precautions you take, you can get infected by the virus. All the doctors and nurses and other medical staff are working day and night and serving their nation and people. It’s really hard to work continuously for more than 36 hours sometimes on the other hand. Due to lockdown, many people are not receiving their salary, whereas many are fired from their job, due to which the purchasing power of people is quite low, affecting the entire economy very badly. The life of many people is stuck at a certain point they have no job and no earnings at all.

The only solution to all these problems is the end of the coronavirus, which is only possible when the vaccines come out. Therefore, it very crucial to produce a vaccine as soon as possible.

What progress can be seen?

As of now, many countries are trying to produce the vaccine. Many are in their trial phase and many are already booked by their respective countries. China and UK have produced the virus and have shown a positive response in their trial phase. However, the effectiveness on the public at large is yet not known.

When will the vaccine come?

Many experts have suggested that the vaccine may come somewhere in 2021 almost after 12-18 months since the coronavirus was discovered. However, it’s just a speculation and can’t be guaranteed. But, as per the efforts taken by the medical researchers, it’s likely that we might have a vaccine soon.

Unless the trials show the vaccine is completely safe for humans it won’t be released in the market. So let’s hope for the best!

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