1. Smiling makes us look attractive. Haven’t you observed how soon you get attracted to someone when they smile? A smiling face never fails to attract our attention. Even if you think you don’t have an attractive smile, you must still smile every day because every smile is beautiful.

2. Smiling not only wears out our tired and stressed look from the face but it actually helps us relieve the stress. Try this, whenever you are stressed or worried, smile! And see the difference. You’ll instantly feel good and your mood will improve a lot.

3. Smiling improves your mood, whenever you are sad and someone makes you smile with their words or actions, your mood immediately lifts up that’s the power of a smile, no matter what a smile always brings your mood back be it yours or someone else’s smile.

4. Smiling makes us and others feel good. A genuine smile never fails to make you feel better when you are down as smiling releases endorphins which are natural mood lifter and natural pain killer. These chemicals not only lift your mood but also help reduce physical pain.

5. Smiling also makes you look younger as when you smile your facelifts and make a person appear younger. So instead of taking treatments for face lifting try smiling more.

6. Smiling helps you stay positiveM when you smile genuinely in your mind positive thoughts are generated. And not only are they generated, but they are also passed on through your smile.

7. Smiling is contagious which means when you smile on someone, they are bound to smile back. Try smiling at a stranger and see how their face brightens up and brings a smile to their face too.

8. Smiling can help someone in depression feel good. There are many people who feel left out and lack love but your smile may make some one’s day and even change their perception about the world and make them believe there are still good people in the world.

9. Smiling also improves your immune system by releasing more white blood cells than usual, they are the fighter cells that fight against many illnesses, infections and foreign invaders thus improving your immunity.

10. Smiling makes you more approachable, when you smile to people they feel you are a good person and have a good heart and can be approached whenever they want. Being more approachable helps you make more friends.

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