Who doesn’t want to be successful and happy? Undoubtedly, every human wants to be successful and happy, and that’s the reason people do hard work. But in pursuit of our goal, we often consider our victory our happiness. Undeniably, when we achieve our goal, we are the happiest people, but success is not happiness. Success is typically associated with achievements, accomplishments, and the attainment of goals, while happiness transcends mere materialistic or external markers of achievement.

Success is largely determined by societal standards, such as wealth, status, or recognition. However, the pursuit of success can be a nonstop hustle, which causes individuals to prioritize external validation over internal satisfaction. Success can’t guarantee lasting happiness.

In contrast, happiness is, in essence, a state of well-being defined by feelings of joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Furthermore, success may result in happiness by providing a sense of accomplishment or security, but true happiness stems from a deeper sense of gratitude, purpose, and connection to oneself and others.

In essence, success can be measured. On the other hand, happiness is a subjective experience. One can achieve success, but without the presence of happiness, it won’t make that impact. So prioritizing happiness will help you have a more fulfilling and contented life.