Why is it difficult to forgive self?

Forgiving and moving on is not as easy as it seems to be. To forgive one requires kindness, compassion and understanding. None of us is perfect all of us have done some mistakes in our life. Some of them were silly, some of them were serious. Serious mistakes are difficult to forgive because they change our life drastically. Forgiveness becomes difficult because we aren’t ready to accept the fact that mistakes happen, it becomes difficult to forgive because we lack compassion for ourselves, it is difficult to forgive because we don’t love ourselves more because we are not kind to ourselves. When you love yourself and your health and peace of mind you’ll learn to forgive self.

How to forgive yourself?

· Accept your mistake

If you have done a mistake, have the courage to accept it. When you accept your mistakes it becomes easier to let go of it. Accepting also reduces your burden and helps you free yourself from the stress.

· Consider mistakes as learning opportunities

Each mistake of yours teaches you something, people either learn from others mistakes or own mistakes. When you don mistakes you gain experience, you learn something you should avoid. Remember yourself what the mistake taught you and it will become easier for you to forgive yourself.

· Apologise

If your mistake has hurt someone else apologise to them. Say a genuine and sincerely sorry. Apologizing helps lower the burden in your heart and it also makes the other person feels good. Apologise until the person forgives you. If the other person forgives you, it will be easier to forgive yourself.

Remember, not forgiving self will only let you live in regret and stress. To be happy and have peace in life you must forgive yourself and let go ofyour mistakes but keep the teachings with you.

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