· Travelling boosts your confidence

When you travel, you often deal with new situations all by yourself. Travelling makes you go through many different kinds of situations like meeting new people or dealing with language issues or getting lost at someplace but you deal with this situation all alone and soon your confidence boosts, knowing that you can deal with tough times all by yourself.

· Lets you make new friends

Travelling with tours or even by yourself makes you meet new people and you make new friends. New friends mean more fun and more happiness. Social interaction is need of every person, at a place where there are no old friends of yours, it becomes easier to open up your boundaries and make new friends with a different culture, different interests, etc.

· You value your family more

When you stay away from your home and family, you learn to appreciate them more. We often take our family for granted but staying away from them makes us realise their real value and we learn to be grateful about having a nice home and wonderful family.

· You learn new things

When you visit new places, you meet new people, you experience a new culture and you can be a totally different country. It is definitely a way to learn new things. Different people and places teach you different lessons, some are good some are bad but all are worth it. What’s important are you experience them all and only travelling can make this happen. Learning something new is very much effective way of being happy.

· You get more time with nature

Travelling lets you be more connected with nature, away from a chaotic life. Happiness is in peace. Happiness is in observing the beauty of nature. You go to the mountains for hiking or you go to beaches, nature is beautiful in any form and shape, when you see things something beautiful it makes your heart happy.

· The effects and memories of travel last forever

The effects, the learnings, the experience and the memories from your trip, last forever. Doesn’t matter if your experience was good or bad but you remember it for the longest time. And all the memories from a fun trip always make us smile.

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