As we grow from kids to adults it keeps becoming difficult to let go of past. As kids, we often tend to forget the past and move ahead in life. As adults, it is difficult to achieve the art of letting go.

What does letting go mean?

Letting go means leaving something from the past into the past and moving ahead. It can be a physical thing or feelings that you hold on for a long time. We all go through things that we tend to keep a hold on, there are events that had hurt you deeply and you just cannot forget about it. It can be a relationship or physical abuse or anything that mattered. Letting go means not forgetting it is impossible to forget an event that mattered. But you must forget the anger or any bitter feelings you feel when you remember the event.

How can you master the art of letting go?

It is necessary to know when to stop grieving about what happened and forget about it and move on. One must learn to focus on the present and let go of the past. How can you do it? Here’s how.

· Know when to let go

Understand when the water goes overhead, and it is time to let go. When you know something is not meant for you, it is better to let it go. If the relationship is not going as expected you must let go of it.

· Cry and express.

You should cry or express your feelings when you need to. Crying when your grieving relieves the pain your going through and it becomes easier to move on.

· Forgive.

If someone had hurt you in the past learn to forgive. Not forgiving someone is only going to affect you and your happiness. Not being able to forgive is natural but it is necessary. In such a situation you must think of yourself than anyone else. After all your happiness and contentment is the most important.

Importance of letting go

We hold on to something because they matter to us. Sometimes we expect certain things to happen in a certain way but when it doesn’t happen so we are hurt and angry and cannot accept it. In such a situation we must understand that not all things work as they are expected to and we must move on. Moving on is important for our own peace and happiness.

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