It is easier to forgive a stranger than a loved one because we trust whom we love and we don’t expect them to hurt us. But when you are in a relationship there are going to be ups and downs, breaking of trust or some normal fights. We take our partners for granted and in such cases we tend to hurt them more. So it’s possible for your partner to take you for granted and say or do something they shouldn’t have. But forgiving someone you love is a way to mend your relationship. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean excusing them for what they did and also doesn’t mean they can do it again. It just means I know you won’t do that again. But how can you forgive someone who hurt you, here are few points.

· Understand what went wrong

Try to understand your partner’s perspective, why did they behave the way they did. Was it something from your side that went wrong. I know you shouldn’t blame yourself but let’s accept it neither of us is perfect and even we can do certain actions that can make the other person react it such a way that hurts us. So understand what went wrong. If you were also wrong then apologize.

· Don’t force it

Don’t rush to forgive and don’t force yourself to forgive. Forgiveness should come from within. Forgive only when you truly feel like forgiving. Forgive when you are ready to accept the other person. Forgiving can be difficult but when you decide to forgive, it becomes quite easy.

· Think of times when you were in your partner’s place

Even you might have done the same mistakes your partner did. Think of those mistakes and the reason behind it. It will become easier for you to understand your partner and forgive.

· Let go of past

If you are no longer together but you still cannot forgive your loved one. It is required for you to let go of the past. You must detach yourself from that feeling of hurt and begin your new life. But this is only possible when you forgive someone who hurt you.

· forgive for yourself

Sometimes it is necessary that you forgive the other person for your own happiness and peace of mind. If you really love the person and you aren’t forgiving them then you are punishing yourself by staying away. Instead, forgive and stay together and enjoy their company.

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