“Think before you speak” we have always been told this sentence by our teachers, elders, etc. But no one ever told us why. Why should we think before we speak? Why can’t we speak our mind? What will happen if we speak without thinking? Here are the answers to all your questions. These reasons below will tell us why should we think first and then speak.

· Words have power

Believe it or not, words have a lot of power. Silence is powerful but words, if used correctly, can prove to be more powerful. The way you frame your sentence and the type of words you use to decide the amount of negativity or positivity you spread. Mentally retarded can be more offensive than saying a person with special needs. It means the same but outpours different vibes.

· Your emotions can make you say things you don’t mean

We often speak without thinking when we are emotionally drained, sometimes when we are angry or sad, we forget to pay attention to our words and end up saying something mean to the other person. Of course, you didn’t mean to hurt the person but you already did. The person will find it very difficult to forget those words.

· Your words reflect who you are

Your words definitely reflect who you are, if you often use bad words while talking to other people it creates a typical image of you in their mind, which might not be wrong. When you speak a lot of negative thoughts you show how much negativity is filled inside you. Yes, you can fake it for a while but how long are you going to fake?

· You might be jumping to conclusions

At times you don’t even listen to the other person completely, there’s no question of thinking and you speak depending upon what you understood from the little information other person shared. Basically, you jumped to a conclusion and shared your opinion on it now maybe your opinion is harsh and your conclusion is wrong. In such a scenario, you’ll badly hurt the person’s emotion.

· You can never take words back

Words once said can’t be taken back. They always stay in people’s mind and especially if the words are toxic. Your few mean words can hurt someone’s feelings and make someone feel bad about themselves. No matter how much you decide to apologise, your words can’t be taken back.

Therefore it’s important that you always think before you speak so that you don’t talk something useless or hurtful which you’d have to regret later.

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