Nobody is born talented or successful. It’s how well you groom and learn that helps you become a good person, not just in terms of career but overall. However, it’s never too late to initiate change and strive for change. And if you want to transform your life for good, not just changing yourself but limiting certain things is important.

Here are five things you should limit for a better tomorrow

1) Poor Lifestyle: Strictly avoid this toxic habit. How your day goes depends on how you start it. So wake up early in the morning and do all the chores, from meditation to exercise to journaling. Following this will help you be consistent and work effectively.

2) Social Media: Undoubtedly, it’s not wrong to use your phone to spend time on social media. But anything beyond the need is toxic, so limit yourself to using social media only when necessary. In place of that, you can read, dance, do something creative, or just take a walk in nature.

3) Overeating & Junk Food: First, strictly say no to junk food. It is fine to consume it once a week. However, eating healthy is good, but even healthy food becomes a problem if you overeat. So, balance it accordingly.

4) Negativity: Whether using your phone or in your office, avoid negativity. Don’t communicate with people who have nothing good for you. Keeping people who motivate you is important.

5) Procrastination: It is advised to stop this habit instantly. Delaying your work will never help you achieve your goals. Be active and finish the tasks on or before time.