If you are going through any mental health issue like depression, anxiety etc, it is necessary to talk about it before it is too late. Just talking to someone will help you deal with it. But if you are ashamed of not being able to decide how to talk about it, here are some tips to help you.

· Decide to open up

First of all, you must decide that it’s to time to open up. Whenever you find it impossible to deal with it, you need to talk about it. Even before you reach that stage you should talk about your issue. Don’t be ashamed of your health problems and don’t worry about people’s judgement. If it’s bothering you speak about it.

· Choose the right person

It is very important to choose the right person. Any person whom you can trust, who will not judge you and someone who can guide you well and no one is better than your parents to talk about it. If you feel your parents won’t understand talk to your friends or colleagues whom you can trust. If you are unable to talk to any of them then you must go to a psychiatrist.

· Let them know you have something important to speak

First, contact them and let them know you have something important to speak about and that they should make time for you. Let them understand the importance of your situation.

· Explain how it is affecting you

Explain your situation as in what you are feeling and how the feelings are affecting you. Tell them the changes you have faced in your life, tell them the reason for your situation. Talk to them about everything you feel and everything you wanted to talk about.

· Ask them to help

If you know they can help you in some way, let them know about it. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. I am sure they will help and if they are not willing to ask help from someone else.

· Be patient

It’s important to be patient in such a situation. It will be difficult for them to understand the situation. They might have lots of questions about it, you must patiently answer to all of the questions. It will only help them understand your situation better.

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