· Change your thoughts

It all starts with your thoughts, you overthink about so many things. Someone didn’t reply to your message and you start thinking that you have done something wrong. Avoid these thoughts. There are many other reasons why things happen in this world and you aren’t responsible for most of them. Change your thinking about how you look at the world.

· Don’t worry so much about what other’s think about you

What XYZ person thinks about you is none of your concern. Do you live to please that particular person? No, you don’t! Every one of us has a purpose in life and focusing on that purpose is much more important than worrying about what someone thinks about you. Honestly, no one has enough time to think about someone else. So no one is thinking about you, you need not worry about it. Since birth, we are been taught that we should be loved by everyone but the fact is not everyone is going to like you and not everyone has to like you. You live your own life they will lead theirs.

· Build your self-confidence

Love yourself, be confident about yourself. When you are confident, you know that I can’t be responsible for everything around me and it gives you the strength to deal with comments and actions of others. People with low confidence often take things personally because they don’t believe in themselves, all they know is I am what others define me to be, which is not true you are what you make yourself. So adopt confidence and you’ll see the difference.

· Avoid staying in your head

Many people like to stay in their heads. One thing happens and they start convincing themselves that they are the cause for it. Because you stay in your head cooking thoughts, even small statements by people seem like criticism to you. This is very harmful to your mental health because doing so you would start taking all things in a negative way and eventually there would be everything negative around you. So get out of your head and live in reality.

· Clear things out

If you feel someone said or acted something to hurt you, talk to that person. Ask him or her questions. Why did you say so? Why did you ignore me? Sometimes people unconsciously say something or do something. When you ask them they’ll explain to you. Maybe they were busy, maybe they did say hi to you but you didn’t listen. Clearing things out will clear your perceptions and won’t make you take things personally.

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