Emails or Electronic mails have almost eliminated the use of handwritten letters. It has been an effective tool for communication and exchanging media. But still, some people haven’t understood all the features and methods to write an email. Normally it would be fine, but not when you wish to make a good impression in front of your boss. Writing a professional email takes a huge toll out of you and still make you worry about it. Here are some tips that will help you achieve this: –

  • Remember the purpose – Keep your purpose of the email in your mind. Once you know the motive and what you expect to achieve by sending the email you can write your email accordingly. For example, if you want your boss to approve your idea, explain your approach and details of the idea in the email along with an attachment of the plan.
  • Being Specific – Just like on paper, nobody enjoys reading lots of unnecessary sentences. Don’t try to explain the back story, this is not a phone call. Stick to the use of minimum words.
  • Subject line – Do not send an email with an empty subject line. The reader must know in advance about the topic of communication he is engaging in before opening the email.
  • Use decent language – Don’t use slang words or short forms. Be clear with your speech. Be polite and try to sound genuine. Express yourself well but use fewer complex sentences.
  • Be creative – You can use different types of fonts if you wish to. You can write important headings or key points in Bold or Italic. You can underline certain words if you want and even change the text colour according to your choice. Use these features for better understanding and not as a decorative means.
  • Supportive attachments – Fix your attachments along with the email to support your email. You can send pdfs, images, links etc. Try not to use emojis in a professional email. No one wants to see you smiling while reading important part in an email.

Just be confident and use proper correct grammar throughout the email. Before sending the email make sure you proofread the entire email to avoid any silly mistakes. These tips will really help you in writing a decent professional email.